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Suffering from Sport Injuries? Check out our latest tool IASTM

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Sport Injuries

What is IASTM?

Also known as “Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization” is a massage technique that involves using a specifically designed tool to assist in detecting and treating pain, muscle adhesion, dysfunction, scar tissues and soft tissue restrictions. This technique is effective in treating most muscular and soft tissue injuries especially sports related conditions.

Is it painful?

No, IASTM is generally not painful. However, sometimes a bit of redness or light bruising may occur. Minor soreness afterwards is typical but goes away after 1-2 visits. It is considered safe and is used by many chiropractors to treat neck pain, back pain and extremities.

Types of population it can be used for?


•Sports Injuries

•Muscle and ligament injuries and sprain/strain

•Great for extremities

•and more...

For more information feel free contact us at 226-223-2437 or to book a free consultation to see whether IASTM is right for you.

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