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Our bodies are meant to move and function optimally through our day-to-day activities. This includes work, hobbies, sports and everything in between. Our mobility and function are paramount in keeping us healthy in both our body and mind. It is often only when we lose our mobility and function that we notice its major impact on our lives. 


When we’re regularly experiencing pain and discomfort our quality of life is quickly impacted – from lost workdays, to being forced to stop partaking in our favourite hobbies and activities, to poor sleep. It is important to seek early assessment and interventions when symptoms arise to avoid conditions from getting progressively worse. 


Muscle aches, joint stiffness, sciatica, and pinched nerves are only a few of the things that reduce our mobility and function as well as severely reduce our quality of life. Causes of these ailments can vary from trauma such as car accidents and falls, to repetitive work, or sport injuries. No matter what is causing your pain, if it is impacting your quality of life, it’s time to get it checked by a regulated healthcare professional.


At Unity Spine and Health, our chiropractors strongly believe in empowering you to live a healthy and active lifestyle through movement and exercise and as such our chiropractic treatments are customized with your goals in mind. For more information on the specific causes of aches and pains, as well as how to address them, read below!

Neck Pain and Headaches

Upper Extremity Pain

Lower Back and Pelvis Pain

Lower Extremity Pain

Sport Injuries

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