Compression Therapy in London Ontario

What is Sigvaris Compression Hosiery?

Compression therapy involves wearing a type of compressive hosiery that places pressure on the specific area on the body mainly the extremities, thus improving overall circulation and supporting blood flow back towards the heart. This can greatly help those suffering from swelling; prevent the formation of edema, while supporting fluid drainage in ones tissue.

Compression stockings vs. Support Stockings 

There are two types of compression therapy, support stockings exerts a passive resistance to swelling, and is mainly used as a form of preventative care versus compression stockings which are medically graded, they actively apply increasing pressures to the veins and prevents them from dilating and thus facilitating venous return. Medical compression stockings are individualized, specific and are created under strict medical guidelines and specification to help provide you with the best results in your care. 

What does Compression Therapy help with? 

  • Leg pain and ache

  • Swelling/edema 

  • Feeling of heaviness in upper or lower extremities (e.g., arms, hands, legs and feet) 

  • Lymphatic or drainage issues (e.g., lymphedema) 

  • Chronic inflammatory disorders (e.g., cellulitis, venous leg ulcers) 

  • Blood clots (e.g., post surgical) 

  • Deep vein thrombosis 

  • Venous disorders (e.g., spider veins, varicose veins, venous edema, leg ulcer, deep vein thrombosis (DVT))

  • Lipedema

Who can benefit? 

  • Jobs that requires you to sit or stand all day (e.g., teacher, construction worker, bus driver, nurse, hair stylist)

  • Pregnancy or post pregnancy 

  • Travel (e.g., whether by plane, train, or car and those who sit for long periods of time), (e.g., flight attendant, desk job workers)

  • Diabetics 

  • Athletes including runners, soccer players, football players and bodybuilders.


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