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When booking an appointment you will be re-directed to The Backsmiths booking page to book your chiropractic visit

Chiropractic Initial Visit  60 minutes, $125

For New Chiropractic Patients:

Includes comprehensive health history, physical exam, report of findings, and treatment.

*Please arrive 15 minutes before initial assessment with completed intake forms if possible.

Chiropractic Subsequent Visit  30 minutes, $65

For Returning Patients. This includes hands on therapy, rehab, and exercise

Chiropractic Extended Visit  45 minutes, $90

For returning patients who have multiple areas of complaints and require extra time for treatment.  Also recommended for athletes needing extra time for screening and rehab.

Chiropractic Re-Assessment  45 minutes, $90

For patients with NEW AREA of complaint or has NOT been in to the clinic for over 6 months.

This includes history, physical exam and treatment.

Custom Orthotics Gait Assessment  60 minutes, $60

Includes comprehensive health history, focused lower body exam, Footmaxx 2D and 3D Gait scans and Orthotics recommendations.

Complementary Consultation  15 minutes

For patients who are NEW to chiropractic and are unsure whether chiropractic can help or have any questions, concerns or inquires please call.

Complementary Consult

Complementary Gait Scan 15 minutes

For patients who are interested in Orthotics but would like more information.  This includes a Footmaxx 2D Gait Scan and analysis of the results.

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