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Your first visit with your chiropractor will involve an assessment of your health history and physical condition.  This visit tends to be a bit longer than a typical visit and you should expect to be in the office for 45-60 mins.

Initial Assessment Visit:

Our doctors want to hear from you! Many problems can be diagnosed from a thorough history taking and as the patient tells his or her story.  Make sure to tell your chiropractor about your previous medical conditions and current symptoms so they can best identify the root cause of your symptoms.

Thorough History:

Comprehensive Exam:

In addition to understanding your health history, it is important to evaluate your body’s current physical state through a comprehensive and focused physical exam that will help best diagnose the root cause of your problem.  This exam may involve range of motion tests, postural assessments, gait assessments, neurological exams and orthopedic tests, and more.

Report of Findings

Following your thorough exam, your Chiropractor will review your results and explain what they have determined to be the root cause of your symptoms.  This is also a time to ask questions and voice any of your concerns to your chiropractor.  Our chiropractors will give you a recommendation for a tailored treatment plan to best reach your health and wellness goals.  At Unity Spine and Health, we believe that we are your partners in your care and as such we will always ask for your consent before we treat you.

Treatment (if applicable):

You can expect a treatment if deemed appropriate and safe in your individual case.  Treatments may involve manual therapy or home exercises and advice, based on your custom-tailored treatment plan.

Follow Up Visits:

Follow up visits are typically 30 mins in duration.  In that time your chiropractor will perform various treatments based on your initial assessment.  These treatments can involve manual muscle release therapy, chiropractic adjustment, 

stretching and exercise prescription. To learn more, visit our service page. Your chiropractor will also help educate and give you advice on your condition to provide the most optimal condition for your recovery.  Be involved in your care and give your chiropractor feedback about your health and treatment progress!

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