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Custom Orthotics for Pain Relief (London, ON)

Table of Contents:

Who is a Candidate for Custom Orthotics?

Custom orthotics are extremely adaptable. They can be used to treat a wide range of foot discomfort in people of all ages and to rectify a wide range of problems.

The following are some examples of persons who could benefit from personalized orthotics based on their lifestyle:

· For those who spend most of their days on their feet, custom orthotics can help -from manufacturing supervisors to healthcare workers to teachers and more.

· Athletes. You don't have to be a professional athlete to suffer from a sports-related injury or foot pain. Custom-made orthotics can assist those who run, dance, play basketball or tennis – virtually any sport except swimming – and who love any form of workout.

· Those who wear high heels. Many celebrities, including Kristen Bell and Scarlett Johansson, utilize orthotics to compensate for the discomfort of extra-high-heeled shoes.

· For those who have diabetes, pressure areas around the foot which cause ulcers or wounds are a serious detriment to health and well-being. To minimize or manage these issues, custom orthotics and suitable shoes are often required.

What Problems Can Custom Orthotics Treat?

In addition to the above-mentioned general lifestyle demands for orthotics, custom-fitted orthotics can aid with a variety of foot ailments, including the following:

● Heel discomfort

● Bunions

● Corns and calluses

● Flat feet

● Arches with high ceilings

● Alternating between in- and out-toeing

● Hammer toe and claw toe

● Pain in the forefoot

● Neuropathic ulcers (caused by nerves

What Type of Orthotics Should You Get?

An over-the-counter or kiosk orthotic may work for a person of average weight, height, and foot type who has a generic condition like heel pain. They are less expensive, and in some cases, may reduce pain and discomfort. You may, however, need to replace them more frequently. Custom prescription orthotics benefit someone who has a special requirement or a problem, such as a very flat foot. They are more expensive, but they last longer than OTC/kiosk orthotics.

For more information on custom orthotics in the London area, visit Unity Spine and Health online or give them a call at (226) 223-2437 today.

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