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Pregnancy Series 3: 5 Ways to Avoid Backache While With Your Newborn

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Ways to Avoid Backache

As new parents you may be lifting your 7-10 lbs baby 50 times or more a day. The repetitive lifting may put you at risk for back problems. Here are some simple tips that can help parents avoid some common aches and pains.


Stand with your feet at least a shoulder width apart. Keep your back in a neutral position and bend your knees. Bring your baby as close to your chest as possible, and then lift using both arms.


When carrying your little one, pivot your feet instead of twisting your back. This will ensure that you're turning with your hips, which will reduce your risk of back pain. Lower your newborn into the crib or onto the floor by bending at the knees, with a neutral back.


Hold your newborn in an upright position, directly against your chest. Carrying a child on one hip creates postural imbalances that can lead to low back pain over time.


Always sit in a chair with a back support and avoid leaning forward to reach your newborn mouth. Instead, use pillows or blankets to support and position your baby closer to you.


Exercise can help increase muscle support for your back. While your baby is enjoying tummy time, join them on the floor and do some exercises to help strengthen your core.

If you have any further questions or concerns with the above. Please consult your Chiropractor.

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