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Have you heard about The Activator before?

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

The Activator

We have been receiving quite a few questions in regards to the “Activator”. Here are some info below to help you decide whether this is a right option for you!

What is an Activator?

It is a spring loaded instrument that provides a low force impulse to a specific area within the body specifically to a joint to induce movement with the goal of restoring motion and improving function.

Is it painful?

No, since the Activator generates a low force it is generally not painful. With the Activator we can control how much force get place into the joint. It is considered safe and is used by many chiropractors to treat neck pain, back pain, and extremities. It is a great alternative to manual manipulation (aka. Adjustment)

Types of population it can be used for?


•Young children


•Patients who are looking for another alternative to manual adjustment

•and more..

For more information feel free contact us at 226-223-2437 or to book a free consultation to see whether activator is right for you.

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