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Get ready to lift!

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Summer is finally here and this means spending more time outdoors, becoming physically active, getting ready for move-in day, or even catching up on daily chorus and activities around the house such as; gardening and cleaning. In such case, most often these activities require bending or lifting of some sort and this can sometimes lead to injuries; however, good news is most lifting injuries are PREVENTABLE! Read below to find out how you can protect your body and back from injuries.

Get Close to The Load

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, head up, with the feet and body pointing in the same direction.

Knees Bent, Back Straight

Knees Bent, Back Straight

Check the weight of what you're lifting. Use your arm and leg muscles to slowly lift the load.

Make Sure, You're in Sync

Keep the load close to your body. Pivot with your feet and AVOID twisting your body while carrying the load.

You're almost done

You're almost done!

Bend your knees and slowly lower the load to it's proper place. DO NOT lift heavy objects above your waist and AVOID heavy lifting following prolonged bending or kneeling.

and Remember

If the load is too heavy, don't forget to ask for help. Always remember the saying "Many hands make light work" and apply the following above principals. Also listen to your body, doing repetitive bending, hunching over and lifting will eventually cause your muscles and joints to ache, take a break and change your position often. Following these tips will help protect not only your back but also your body for years to come.

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