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Custom Made Orthotics - Unity Spine and Health

Custom orthotics are prescribed medical devices, specifically for the support and comfort of your feet.  Prescription orthotics are made to fit the contours of  your feet exactly - they are precisely contoured, and are designed for the way you move.

What are Custom Made Orthotics?
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We have patients come to our office all the time, complaining of foot pain, caused by:


  • Bunions

  • Hammertoes

  • Pinched nerves (neuromas)

  • Heel pain (plantar fasciitis)


To address these types of issues, and others, we conduct a thorough evaluation and examination, and discuss the origin, mechanics, and treatment plan for the particular problem or issue. Typically, the patient will inquire about the necessity for an orthotic, and if so, which type would be best.


If muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, or bones are not in their optimal functional position, and are causing pain, discomfort, or fatigue, we recommend a foot orthotic. Foot orthotics can be: 


  • Rigid

  • Semirigid

  • Semiflexible

  • Accommodative


…depending on your diagnosis and specific needs.

At Unity Spine and Health, we treat a variety of foot and ankle conditions. We can provide you with custom-fitted orthotics, to assist you in reducing foot pain, thus adjusting your movement patterns to reduce overall body strain.

Custom Orthotics Advantages

Custom Orthotics Advantages

There are numerous advantages to using custom orthotics.  They can:


1. Provide superior comfort, allowing you to stand, walk, and run in an upright position.


2. Assist in the fight against foot, ankle, and leg pain.


3. Enhance balance by providing adequate support for your feet to maintain a functionally correct position.


4. Assist in shock absorption and pressure rerouting away from painful areas of the foot and ankle.


5. Boosts athletic performance and reduces the likelihood of injury.

If your feet and ankles ache daily, you may be suffering from plantar fasciitis, or have flat feet. The best way to address any foot pain is to have your feet properly examined by a podiatrist, or a chiropractor, to determine if you require orthotics.

Are Custom Orthotics Built to Last?

Are Custom Orthotics Built to Last?

All orthotics will eventually wear out, or you may outgrow them entirely, if your activities or body mechanics change significantly over time.


However, compared to the cheap, flimsy insoles available over the counter - which may last only a couple of months - nearly all custom orthotics will last at least a year, and typically considerably longer, often in the range of three to five years.


Two significant distinctions exist, which determine the durability of the orthotic: 


  • the quality of the materials used

  • the tailoring to the individual


Along with being more structurally durable in general, custom orthotics handle forces more efficiently because they fit your feet precisely, rather than approximately.

Orthotic Specialists in London, Ontario

Whether you have a known foot problem, or unexplained foot discomfort, consult a foot specialist who can address the issue and alleviate or eliminate your foot pain. At Unity Spine and Health, you'll experience cutting-edge techniques and technology that will make you feel as if you're walking on air. With custom orthotics, you can stop worrying about your feet, and instead concentrate on what you're doing.

We are proud to provide the highest quality orthotic services for patients throughout Northwest London, Ontario, Canada. With our custom-made orthotics, you can enjoy a higher level of comfort without sacrificing your mobility. Call us today at (226)  223-2437!

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