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Custom Orthotics in London Ontario

Benefits of Custom Orthotics

Our feet act as the foundation for our whole body.  Any problems or dysfunction occurring at the foot can impact all the structures up the body's chain including: ankles, knees, hips, pelvis and lower back.  Having problematic feet is similar to having faulty foundation of your house.  You can fix the cracks and damage above, but without fixing the foundation, the problems above will continue to appear. 


Custom orthotics are similar to chiropractic care in the sense that it aims to correct the root cause of the problem rather than the symptoms.  Having optimal gait/walking is like having a well balanced and rotated tires on your car.  If you leave the foot problems for too long and only correct the pain at the areas in the chain above (lower back, knee or hips), then the issues will continue to reoccur.

What does it help with and who can benefit?

  • Anyone can benefit from custom made orthotics and not only those with foot pain.  Many issues in the lower back and pelvis can be directly related to foot dysfunction and problems with gait and walking. 

  • Most working adults who are on their feet during work will likely benefit from custom orthotics.  From nurses, factory workers, labourers, couriers and anyone  who are constantly on the go and wearing uncomfortable footwear will likely benefit.

  • Other groups who may benefits include those suffering from arthritis, diabetes, sciatica, lower back pain, pelvic pain and chronic pain.  Orthotics works to alleviate  pain and pressure on the foot and ankle and by improving circulation, reducing wear and tear and improving walking and gait.

  • Athletes of any sports can also strongly benefit from custom orthotics.  Foot and ankle issues including ankle sprains, plantar fasciitis (flat foot), tendinopathies and even turf toes are common in athletes with gait and foot dysfunction.  Custom orthotics works to correct he root cause of these symptoms by giving the athlete an optimal foot and ankle function to prevent future injuries.

How do we custom build them to fit your feet?

Custom made orthotics is made with each person’s condition in mind!  No two orthotics will be identical because no two people are the same.  Footmaxx patented Metascan technology is used to determine how you’re using your feet when walking.   This pressure-sensitive device will measure the pressure of each foot as you walk and displays them with various information to determine the main dysfunction. We also perform a very thorough foot and lower body exam to determine your specific needs. We finally take a very accurate 3D scan of your feet with Footmaxx Laser Scanner to determine the exact shape of your feet.  This technology eliminates human error that is common in the old foam box methods. With this information we can make an exact pair for your specific needs and condition!  We will always follow up with you to make sure you are getting the most benefit from your orthotics!

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